How to Smoke Meat on a BBQ

Smoking meat on a BBQ is really not all that hard.  How you do it depends a little on what kind of barbeque you have (and what you think a barbeque is).  Many people confuse a grill with a barbeque, but they aren’t really the same thing.

Regardless of that, to smoke meat on a barbecue (or a grill), you need to do a couple of things

  • get a nice steady source of low heat (220 F or lower)
  • get a nice steady source of smoke (wood chips, chunks, or saw dust depending on they type of BBQ you have)
  • a well sealed lid to hold the heat/smoke
  • have a good place to hold the meat away from direct heat

If you are using a bbq that uses charcoal for fuel, build up a nice bed of coals that are fully lit (all white).  Once you’ve done this, move them all to one side of the barbeque so that the heat is all on one side.  You want to smoke the meat with indirect heat.

If you are using a gas grill, only use 1/2 the burner, and keep it low.

In either case you’re looking to have the temperature in the 170-220 degrees F range.  Properly smoking meat is a slow process, that should use as little heat as possible.

Once you are happy with the balance of heat, you can add the meat and wood chips to the grill or barbecue.   Depending on how your BBQ is put together, you may need to put the wood on first and then add the meat.  How much wood you use depends on what you are smoking, and how long you want to smoke it for.

Having done this, close the lid and watch for the smoke to appear.  Pay close attention to the temperature and amount of smoke, and add more charcoal and wood chips as needed in order to keep the smoke and temperature just right.

These are pretty general instructions on how to smoke meat in a BBQ, but they have to be.  I have no idea what kind of equipment you have specifically.  However, using these basic instructions, you can very easily produce some quality smoked meat.  You’ll just need to play around a little bit to get things working right for your situations.  Luckily, you can eat all of your practice!



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